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Operations Management

Since 2004, Shield has served in key roles for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Sustainment for the Intelligence Community (IC).​ Shield manages the day-to-day operations (with Systems Admins, Developers, Help Desk, ISSOs, and SEs) of large multi-site systems to:

  • Manage daily work, outages, system monitoring, system patching, and security and compliance concerns.

  • Manage customer concerns and communications.

  • ​Connect developers to customer needs to drive new development.

  • ​Automate repeatable candidate processes (process automation) for efficiency.

  • Use best practices for Configuration management with Puppet and SALT.


Shield supports multiple customer outreach teams and manages cross portfolio collaborations Shield supports  24x7 Tiers 1-3 service desks and manages on-call lists and escalation lists for mission critical operations.

Software Development and DevOps

Shield provides diverse teams of engineers to provide secure software, systems, network, and database architecture, engineering and administration services. Our engineers focus on both edge technologies for better future-state solutions, as well as using FOSS tools for cost savings. Shield provides full stack development using the Agile software methodology to develop secure software using best practices to avoid the accidental introduction of security vulnerabilities. We lead prototype efforts, develop applications for customer outreach/engagement, and implement tools to automate cumbersome system administration tasks.

Advanced Big Data Cloud Security Analytics & Systems Training

Shield uses FOSS and emerging technologies to integrate innovative security analytic and visualization capabilities. These capabilities improve our customers' ability to monitor and alert to insider threats before they occur. 

Knowledge Management

Shield uses tools like Confluence to document complex repeatable tasks and critical technical knowledge normally trapped in emails and chats, and then documents the artifacts. 

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